MH-CoPES has changed!

13 April 2015

The Your Experience of Service (YES) questionnaire is replacing MH-CoPES as the data collection method for consumer feedback in New South Wales public health services. The overall framework remains the same, with action and change being an integral part of the quality improvement process.

This exciting new questionnaire is designed to gather information from consumers about their experience of mental health services. The questionnaire was developed with consumer input throughout the entire process.

Your answers are completely confidential, any demographic information that is recorded will not be attached to identifying comments. Most importantly, your feedback and comments will be combined with other consumers’ feedback in reports that will help services see what they are doing well and what they could do better.

More information about the development of the YES questionnaire can be found at – searching “experience of care”.

Click here for the brochure with more information.

Click here for the survey.



Mental Health Consumer Perception and Experiences of Services

The MH-CoPES Framework is a process for all NSW public adult mental health services to involve consumers in improving their services. The MH-CoPES Framework assists consumers to evaluate their services and to use this evaluation for consumers to work together with services and improve them.   



The four steps of the MH-CoPES Framework: 

STEP 1 - Data Collection
Consumers evaluate their services using an MH-CoPES Questionnaire.

STEP 2 - Data Analysis
Information from Questionnaires is collated and analysed to produce reports every six months.

STEP 3 - Reporting and Feedback
Reports feed back to consumers and services around strengths and areas needing improvement.

STEP 4 - Action and Change
Consumers and services use reports to work together to make changes and improve their services for everyone. 

The four steps make up one complete evaluation cycle and the cycle is repeated.   


The Principles of MH-CoPES

The MH-CoPES Framework is underpinned by a set of 9 interconnecting principles. These principles have provided the foundation for development of the MH-CoPES Framework.

The MH-CoPES principles are the guiding philosophy behind consumer evaluation and participation in quality improvement through the MH-CoPES Framework.

The MH-CoPES Principles can be found here 

The benefits of MH-CoPES

The MH-CoPES Framework holds a numberof benefits for consumers, services and staff. To learn more about these benefits click here

MH-CoPES Evaluation

In September 2012 NSW CAG commissioned ARTD Consultants to evaluate the Framework to:

  • assess how effective the Framework is in providing a structure for consumers of NSW public, adult mental health services to participate in evaluation and quality improvement of their services
  • assess how effective the Framework is in providing a structure for public, adult mental health services to use alongside existing quality improvement activities to collaborate with consumers in improving their service based on consumer feedback
  • establish if the Framework is effective for continued use
  • identify improvements and/or additional support needed for implementation.

To read the full MH-CoPES Framework Evaluation Report and the Framework Key Findings click on the links below:

MH-CoPES Framework Evaluation Report MH-CoPES Framework Evaluation Report

MH-CoPES Framework Key Findings MH-CoPES Framework Key Findings


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