Policy and Position Statements

NSW CAG's Policy Position Paper for 2011 State Election: "Changing focus - A recovery based mental health system"

To read NSW CAG's policy position paper  click here. click here..

NSW CAG's Position Statement Regarding Callan Park

To read NSW CAG's position statement regarding Callan Park click here

NSW CAG's Policy Position Federal Election 2010

NSW CAG has developed a 2010 federal election policy platform, Supporting People with a Mental Illness in the Community. To read NSW CAG's policy position click here.  To read NSW CAG letter to the Hon. Julia Gillard, Prime Minister click here

NSW CAG's Position Statement on the Community Mental Health Services the cornerstone of better outcomes for mental health

Ms. Karen Oakley, Executive Officer of NSW Consumer Advisory Group - Mental Health released on Tuesday 10th November 2009 a position statement on the Community Mentalh Health Services.  To read the statement click here

NSW CAG's Policy Statement on the Psychiatric Emergency Care Centres

Dr Gillian Malins, Executive Officer of the NSW Consumer Advisory Group - Mental Health Inc commented:

"Despite some initial concern from consumer groups about segregation from mainstream health services, consumers report to us that they continue to be impressed with the services and care they receive at PECCs. People who have used PECCs report finding them a less stigmatising option, where they get strong support and understanding from staff. PECCs provide quick access to specialist mental health care and play an important role in providing adequate responses to people in need of emergency mental health care. NSW CAG would like to see PECCs become part of the continuum of care available right across NSW."

Tuesday 27th November 2007
Emailed to Robyn Murray, MHDAO


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