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Consumer Workers' Forum Survey


The Consumer Workers' Forum (CWF) Project Stage 2 aims to develop a statewide framework for consumer workers in NSW. The framework will clearly set out the roles, functions and responsibilities of consumer workers, minimum training and education standards, and a Consumer Workforce Code of Professional Standards.

So far the Project has addressed: the roles, functions, responsibilities, titles, position descriptions and remuneration of consumer workers, supervision and support needs, professional development and evaluation of consumer worker roles (for more information please read the Discussion Paper: Roles Functions, Responsibilities, Titles and Position Descriptions, found here, and the Consultation Paper: Remuneration, Supervision, Support, Professional Development and Evaluation of the Roles for the NSW Consumer Workforce, found here).

Currently, work is being conducted around:

  • Minimum and best practice training for NSW consumer workers, and
  • The development of a Code of Professional Standards for the NSW Mental Health Consumer Workforce.

To assist in investigating guidelines and recommendations for minimum and best practice training and in developing a Code of Professional Standards, a paper has been produced providing the reader with:

  • A general understanding of the issues around minimum and best practice training, including: the need for minimum training expectations to be outlined for each of the roles and responsibilities performed by the consumer workforce, and the need for best practice guidelines to be developed for the consumer workforce, and
  • A draft version of the Code of Professional Standards for the NSW Mental Health Consumer Workforce.

This paper can be found here.

To assist in the work being conducted for the CWF Project Stage 2, a survey has been produced, aiming to develop a basic understanding of the educational courses that have already been undertaken by the consumer workforce; areas that consumer workers would like to be educated in; and, courses that should be provided to all consumer workers as a minimum during their employment. This survey also provides the opportunity for people to comment on the draft Code of Professional Standards.


To access the survey please click here.

This survey will be made available until 1 April 2011.

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