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MH-CoPES Resource Pack

This resource pack is designed to provide a ‘how to’ guide for mental health service staff to implement the MH-CoPES Framework. It is divided into the 4 steps of the Framework, each section containing the resources needed by a service to conduct MH-CoPES.   


Consumer Sheet - MH-CoPES

This document can be provided to consumers who are unfamiliar with the MH-CoPES Questionnaire. It contains useful information about the Questionnaire, how it can be returned, and what happens to the answers consumers provide.

It can be:

  • Handed out with the MH-CoPES Questionnaire
  • Mailed out with Questionnaires in the post
  • Placed in a brochure stand at your service
  • Enlarged and displayed as a poster.


The MH-CoPES Poster

The MH-CoPES Poster can be displayed around services to alert consumers to the existence of the MH-CoPES Framework and Questionnaire, and to help consumers to feel comfortable and empowered about asking for a Questionnaire.

The MH-CoPES Feedback Posters

The feedback poster is one way to summarise and feedback the findings of an MH-CoPES report to consumers and staff. It is a template which can be added to and adapted to suit the specific needs of a service / unit or Local Health District.

There are two feedback posters:

Pre-Action and Change Posters ( 87.01 KB )
Post-Action and Change Posters ( 84.06 KB )

Pre-Action and Change Posters (104.00 KB) Microsoft Version 2003
Post-Action and Change Posters (103.50 KB) Microsoft Version 2003


The MH-CoPES Framework in Practice

The Framework in practice outlines the practical activities which occur (as a minimum) at each step of the Framework. 


The MH-CoPES PowerPoint presentations

The MH-CoPES Framework

This presentation is designed to assist all levels of staff and Consumer Workers within each Local Health District to understand:  

  • The MH-CoPES Framework
  • Each step of the MH-CoPES Framework
  • The Benefits of MH-CoPES
  • What MH-CoPES resources are available to them

What is Action and Change?

This presentation provides a basic overview of Step 4 of the MH-CoPES Framework ( Action and Change ).  It explains what Action and Change is , who, where, why and when Action and Change is done.

How to do Action and Change?

This presentation gives more in depth knowledge around Step 4 of the MH-CoPES Framework ( Action and Change ).  This presentation explains exactly how to do an Action and Change session.  Each slide is accompanied by extensive notes and guidance.  This presentation tackles how to:

  • Engage people in Action & Change session
  • Prepare for an Action & Change session
  • Facilitate an Action & Change session
  • Follow-up an Action & Change session



Watch this space COMING SOON

The DVD is a series of chapters including chapters of awareness building for consumers and chapters of training and

implementation guidance for all levels of staff and Consumer Workers. It can be watched all together or specific chapter can be selected individually.


The MH-CoPES Newsletters

The Newsletters are bi-monthly updates on MH-CoPES across NSW.They will let you know what is happening with MH-CoPES; alert you to any new resources, hints and tips for implementing MH-CoPES and good news stories across the state. 

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If you have some interesting MH-CoPES news to share for the Newsletter, please contact MH-CoPES@nswcag.org.au

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