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NSWCAG and MHCC Recovery Project: Recovery Oriented Service Self-Assessment Toolkit (ROSSAT)

The NSW Consumer Advisory Group (CAG) – Mental Health Inc. and the Mental Health Coordinating Council (MHCC) have worked in partnership with people affected by mental health problems and service providers to develop a recovery oriented service provision quality improvement resource for mental health services.

The Recovery Oriented Service Self-Assessment Toolkit (ROSSAT) has been designed to assist organisations and staff to:

  • Assess their level of recovery oriented service provision
  • Reflect on both individual and organisational practice in relation to recovery oriented service provision
  • Identify and work on areas requiring improved practice in delivering recovery oriented services.

The six Key Indicator Areas considered by the ROSSAT are:

  1. Relationships
  2. Respectful practice
  3. Consumer self-directed focus
  4. Belief in consumers recovery
  5. Obtaining & sharing knowledge and information
  6. Participation and social inclusion.

ROSSAT has been mapped to the 2010 National Standards for Mental Health Services.

The ROSSAT Resources


MHCC is very interesed o hear from individuals and organisations using and/or interestred in ROSSAT. Please provide feedback about ROSSAT by the end of December 2013 to the MHCC.


Email: info@mhcc.org.au
Fax: 02: 9810 8145
Post: PO Box 668 Rozelle NSW 2039


NSW Consumer Advisory Group – Mental Health Inc. (2009). Literature Review on Recovery: Developing a Recovery Oriented Service Provider Resource for Community Mental Health Organisations.


The nature of the concept of recovery means it does not come with a single, simple definition that can readily be translated into the everyday practice of mental health service delivery. It is widely acknowledged that although recovery-oriented service provision is a clear government policy direction for mental health care in Australia, this is yet to be fully realised in practice.
The NSW Ministry for Health Infrastructure Grant Project that resulted in development of ROSSAT involved five key stages:

  1. A Literature Review, regarding the concepts of recovery and recovery oriented service provision
  2. Consultations with consumers, carers and service providers from mental health services
  3. Development of the ROSSAT Tool for Organisations and Tool for Workers
  4. Cross-referencing the ROSSAT Tool for Organisations with the National Standards for Mental Health Services
  5. Trialling the ROSSAT Tools within mental health services.

For more information about the ROSSAT contact:
Tina Smith, Senior Policy Officer/Workforce Development, MHCC – Ph 9555 8388 Ext 111 tina@mhcc.org.auor
Peri O’Shea, CEO NSWCAG on (02) 9332 0226 po'shea@nswcag.org.au

You can also visit the ROSSAT page in MHCC website.

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