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NSW Consumer Advisory Group – Mental Health Inc. (NSWCAG) has 18 staff members, as well a pool of consumer consultants that work on a casual basis, providing expertise in working or references groups as well as committees. We also provide volunteering opportunities to consumers and members of our network who all make a valuable contribution to our work.

The day-to-day operations of NSWCAG are managed by the Chief Executive Officer:






 Dr Peri O’Shea


Chief Executive Officer

Phone:  02 9332 0200
Email: poshea@nswcag.org.au

Dr Peri O’Shea is currently the Chief Executive Officer at NSWCAG. Peri has been with NSWCAG since 2010.  Prior to this Peri was the Research Program Coordinator at the Social Justice and Social Change Research Centre at the University of Western Sydney. Peri’s work and personal histories have given prominence to social justice, social inclusion and participation. Peri has a strong history in working with Human Service NGOs and in service management and a strong understanding of mental health policy and consumer issues.  Peri has a PhD in Applied Sociology, a Master’s degree in Social Policy and a Bachelor of Social Science with Honours in Psychology. Peri has a lived experience of mental illness as both a consumer and a carer.

Finance and Human Resource



 Cecilia Rais



Finance and Human Resource Officer

Phone:  02 9332 0241

Email: crais@nswcag.org.au

Operations, Promotions and Projects





 Esther Pavel-Wood

Senior Promotions & Operations Officer

Phone: 02 9332 0218
Email: epavel-wood@nswcag.org.au 

Esther Pavel-Wood is currently the Senior Promotions and Operations Officer. She also oversees many projects in addition to working with the NSWCAG funding submissions writer on future grant proposals. Esther began with NSWCAG as a volunteer in May 2012. Since then, she has worked in a number of different capacities, including Project Officer for the Consumer Workers’ Project and Project Coordinator for the Community Mobilisation Project. Prior to this she worked as a freelance fashion stylist, costume and production designer in Paris and in Sydney as well as working as a solicitor in Paris. Esther has a double Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Law, a Graduate Certificate in Environmental Science and is working towards a Masters of Public Health.



 Maureen O’Keeffe


Administrative and Promotions Officer

Phone:  02 9332 0244

Email: mokeeffe@nswcag.org.au



 Lawrence Muskitta


Consumer Workers Project Officer and

Administrative and Promotions Officer

Phone: 02 9332 0246

Email: lmuskitta@nswcag.org.au






 Ka Ki Ng


Senior Policy Officer

Phone: 02 9332 0216

Email:  kaking@nswcag.org.au

Ka Ki Ng has a Bachelor in Social Science (Criminology) with Honours. Prior to NSWCAG, she worked in the non-government sector with a focus in homelessness and other social justice issues, and was a volunteer at Amnesty International. As the Senior Policy Officer at NSWCAG, Ka Ki leads and coordinates the work of the Policy Team. In her spare time, Ka Ki likes to study. She has tried her hand at studying law, and has recently completed a Diploma in Community Services.  Ka Ki has a keen interest in applying her research and policy abilities to improving the human services system.


 Karina Ko


Policy Officer

Phone: 02 9332 0243

Email: kko@nswcag.org.au

Karina has a double bachelors in Communications and Law. She has social justice experience doing legal research work for not-for-profit policy centres and volunteering at legal centres. She enjoys meeting people from all walks of life – from tutoring high school students to volunteering at a nursing home. In her spare time, she can be often found playing with her dogs in a park, listening to podcasts or reading a book.



 Sam Stott


 Policy Officer

Phone: 02 9332 0239

Email:  policy@nswcag.org.au

Sam has a Bachelor of Arts (UNSW) and a Masters of Education (UTS). She comes to NSWCAG with 20 years of professional experience in community health services as a counsellor, advocate, health educator and researcher. Sam is a social justice activist across the intersecting domains of sex, gender, sexuality, race, colonisation, ability & class. She has a lived experience of mental illness and began her recovery journey in 1998. Sam is a proud minion for her cats and reads Sanskrit mantras in her spare time.




Stephen Blood



Policy Officer

Phone: 02 9332 0236

Email: sblood@nswcag.org.au







Karen Wells


Karen is a volunteer at CAG. She is a submission writer and a policy researcher. She is currently doing a literature review of Seclusion and Restraint practices in mental health settings. She has a degree in Welfare Studies, a Masters in the Care and Protection of Children and Young People and another Masters in Social Policy. She is on the Management Advisory Committee for Inner West Sydney Partners In Recovery. Karen is a consumer who is committed to representation and social justice principles. She also has an incredible passion for cats!!!




Kristy Mounsey


Kristy Mounsey has a Bachelor of Social Ecology and a Certificate IV in Mental Health. With the support of her family and friends she is living in recovery with bipolar. She has a blog post called “The deepest love of all” about having a mother with a mental illness on ARAFMI’s website.   Her current project is about ‘How to improve Disability Employment Services for people with a mental illness’.   She is committed to mental health advocacy at both grass-roots and systemic levels, and works as a volunteer for Consumer Advisory Group and Embark Cottage. In the future Kristy wants to be a consumer worker, complete a Masters in Social Work, and have children.

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