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NSW Mental Health Commission

Change is happening - be part of it!

From 1 July 2012, NSW will have a Mental Health Commission which will play a key role in improving the mental health system in the state.

NSWCAG believes that the NSW Mental Health Commission can make improvements that will benefit communities across NSW, particularly for people with a lived experience of mental illness (consumers). Our key role in this change is to ensure there is ongoing participation in the decision making processes by those who have experience using the mental health system.

Share your ideas!

We are talking to consumers all over NSW and asking for thoughts and ideas to be included in NSWCAG's report to decision makers.

The Minister has already set three broad priorities for the Commission (based on advice from consumers, carers and mental health service providers):

  1. To better manage the experience of people with mental illness, their families and carers;
  2. Divert people with a mental illness from the prison system; and
  3. Ensure the smooth operation of the Mental Health Review Tribunal.

Based on these three priorities, what do you think are the key issues the Commission should focus on first? Do you have any practical ideas on solutions the Commission could put in place?

How should the Commission consult with consumers?

How can the Commission reach more consumers, especially consumers from diverse backgrounds as well as those living outside of city areas?

Your suggestions will be used for our report to the NSW Government.




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