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Report on NSWCAG Annual Recovery Forum held on 15 November 2011
Trauma Informed Care

This year's Annual Recovery Forum was a productive and positive event, with valuable and constructive feedback provided by those who attended. The focus was on Trauma Informed Care (TIC): what it is, who is using it, and how it could be implemented into services that do not currently apply it. Dr Cathy Kezelman was the keynote speaker, and a panel of informed speakers added further depth to the dialogue on TIC. The panel speakers were Paula Hanlon, Ken Zulumovski, Gwen Scotman, Leticia Funston, and the facilitator was Sage Saegenschnitter.

Approximately 70 individuals attended the Recovery Forum. On the day, NSWCAG handed out hard copies of a forum evaluation survey to participants. Approximately 35 people returned them on the day, with an online survey receiving an additional 8 responses. This means that approximately 61% of participants provided feedback.

The results of the survey about the day showed that the majority of attendees (97.67%) thought the event was either good or excellent. Some of the positive responses were: 

1/ Forum and Speakers:

  • The speakers provided an enlightening awareness of trauma, its effects, sparking a very interesting discussion on trauma. The practical workshops were a great idea.
  • All sessions fantastic
  • Dr Cathy was empowering, thank you
  • Trauma informed care panel was excellent

2/ Workshops:

  • Liked the candour and message delivered by the speakers, and the Milk Crate Theatre workshop and the Tai Chi Workshop
  • workshops - great selection and fun
  • loved Tai Chi

3/ Things that could be changed:

  • the structure of the workshops - more inclusion and organisation for everyone to talk
  • Maybe stretching out the day with more breaks
  • Consider inviting views which is contrary to the ethics of CAG so to have an open debate eg someone from psychiatry or a politician re their views of mental health

4/ General comments:

  • nice to have my opinions heard
  • has made me look at me and refocus
  • I think today was organised very well and I don't think I would change anything
  • the consumer voice was heard, TIC & P was put on national agenda

Thank you:
NSWCAG would like to thank all those who generously participated in the Forum. The information from the day will be incorporated into planning for the 2012 Annual Forum.

Contact Us:
We would like to hear from you about your thoughts on TIC. Please contact the policy team at NSWCAG either by phone on 02 9332 0200 or at policy@nswcag.org.au

Some presentations from the forum are available, click here.


Photos L-R Dr Cathy Kezelman; Ken Zulumovski & panel; Maurie & Cat from Milk Crate Theatre Workshop


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