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What else has NSWCAG's done on Trauma Informed Care? 

Attendance at NADA Forum (Dec 2011)
Members of NSWCAG's Policy Team attended a forum on trauma informed care hosted by NADA (network of alcohol & other drugs agencies) in early December. NADA is the peak organisation for the non-government drug and alcohol sector in NSW.

The day opened with a panel consisting of a consumer representative, researchers, service providers and a representative from MHCC. The panel discussed the challenges of implementing trauma informed care as well as the challenges faced by consumers who needed support from both the mental health and the alcohol and other drugs sector. The Forum also showcased several engaging speakers including Judy Atkinson who presented on "Aboriginal peoples and generational trauma: a trauma informed response to substance misuse", and Julia Douglas who spoke about the Indigo Multiple and Complex Needs Initiative in Victoria. 

Workshop with Mary O'Hagan (Oct 2011)
NSWCAG is very fortunate to have had Mary O'Hagan present at our AGM and also to deliver a half day workshop on trauma informed care to our staff and members on 31 Oct.

Mary spoke about the links between trauma informed care and recovery. She explained that a majority of people accessing mental health services have a trauma history, thus in order to facilitate mental health recovery, services need to become trauma informed. Services need to understand the symptoms of mental illness within the context of the individual's experience, including their trauma history, and how to respond to trauma survivors appropriately. Mary also stressed the importance for services to create an environment of safety, trust and respect, and to avoid practices that may re-traumatise an individual.

Mary is known as an international leader and innovator in mental health, in her late teens and early 20's Mary used mental health services in New Zealand and has since used her experience to improve the mental health system both in New Zealand and at the international level. Among her many credentials, Mary was a Mental Health Commissioner for New Zealand and an advisor to the United Nations and World Health Organisation. 

Presentation at MHCC Conference (June 2011)
In June 2011, members of the Policy Team attended and presented at the Trauma Informed Care and Practice Conference. The Conference was organised by the Mental Health Coordinating Council in collaboration with Adults Surviving Child Abuse, the Education Centre Against Violence and the Private Mental Health Consumer Carer Network.

NSWCAG's presentation looked at the relevance of trauma informed care to the way we engage and consult with individuals who may have experienced trauma.

Click here for NSWCAG's presentation at this conference Click here for NSWCAG's presentation at this conference.

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